IIT Indore, Khandwa Road, Simrol- 453552, Indore (MP)
Tel. +91-731-660- 3311
Email- sic@iiti.ac.in

About SIC (People)

A National Facility Indian Institute of Technology Indore

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The Sophisticated instrumentation center (SIC) was established in September 2011 with institute funding to expedite the research program at IIT Indore. SIC has now emerged as one of the first such centers in the country, providing extensive analytical instrument support to the users of the research fraternity across the country. A major advantage of SIC is its accessibility to the students within the institute as well as to other institutes and industries. A very healthy ratio of students to the time availability on instruments and the quick analysis of external samples makes it a very useful facility.

Prof-in-Charge Apurba K. Das

Our vision

To be amongst the top analytical instrument laboratories in the world in terms of cost, efficiency, and range of services.

Our mission

Providing data recording facilities and expertise in different state-of-the-art instruments, all under one section to facilitate high-quality data analysis to academia and industries.

SIC is constantly working on its mission:

  • To support and foster the research enterprise in all branches of science and engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IITI).
  • To foster growth and competitiveness of the local industries by providing services in the identified gaps to make Indian industrial products as per global standards.

The instruments at SIC are mainly focused on the following research areas:

  • Fundamental Research in Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry
  • Various aspects of Material Science
  • Bio-Science and Engineering, including work on biosensors
  • Surface Science and Engineering, and
  • Condensed Matter Physics.


  • SIC has been operating with 32 instruments funded by the institute exclusively and recording data for all departments of the institute.
  • SIC is continuously supporting academic programs including Ph.D., Masters & Bachelor of technology. students by giving hands-on training with the instruments by providing them the opportunity to analyze their own samples.
  • SIC so far supported various projects funded by external agencies total valued above INR 48.0 crores.
  • The center has been supporting various industrial organizations across India to develop their bestselling products using SIC sample testing facility.
  • SIC is playing a very important role in developing curiosity towards science in school students, under grads & post-grads students by giving them live demos and training on the instruments.

SIC Progress and evolution so far:

  • In the year 2011, the facility started functioning in our 2-satellite temporary campuses viz., IET & PACL campus with a total of 18 instruments.
  • Since 2013, 8 more high-end instruments were added to facilitate the research at IITI.
  • In 2014, the facility was shifted to the permanent campus at Simrol and became an integral part of IITI.
  • With the gradual addition of more instruments, the facility is now working with a total 35 instruments and planning to expand this number in near future.