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Vacuum Break Valve prevents oil backstreaming by bleeding air into the system when power to the freeze dryer or pump is shut off.
The patented Moisture Sensor protects the vacuum pump by preventing refrigeration or vacuum start-up when moisture is detected in the collector chamber area.
Durable steel cabinet Benchtop models fit countertops and lab carts.
Upright, stainless steel collector chamber Speeds and simplifies defrost. Available with PTFE-coated collector coil and chamber for additional corrosion resistance.
Quick disconnect drain hose fitting For convenient defrost Vacuum control valve Maintains set point vacuum level to speed the freeze drying process.
Hot Gas Defrost Automatically shuts off when defrosting is complete.


  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology Pharmaceutical companies often use freeze-drying to increase the shelf life of the products, such as live virus vaccines, biologics, and other injectables. By removing the water from the material and sealing it in a glass vial, the material can be easily stored, shipped, and later reconstituted to its original form for injection.
  • Freeze drying of food The primary purpose of freeze drying within the food industry is to extend the shelf-life of the food while maintaining its quality.
  • ISRO and Military rations Because of their light weight per volume of reconstituted food, freeze-dried products are popular and convenient for hikers, such as military rations or astronaut meals.
  • Coffee contains flavor and aroma qualities created due to the Maillard reaction during roasting and can be preserved with freeze-drying.
  • Fruits With conventional dehydration, berries can degrade in quality as their structure is very delicate and contains high moisture levels. Strawberries were found to have the highest quality when freeze-dried, retaining color, flavor, and ability to be rehydrated.
  • Insects Freeze-drying is used extensively to preserve insects for the purposes of consumption. Whole freeze-dried insects are sold as exotic pet food, bird feed, fish bait, and increasingly for human consumption.
  • Technological industry In chemical synthesis, products are often freeze-dried to make them more stable or easier to dissolve in water for subsequent use.
  • Taxidermy Freeze-drying is among the methods used to preserve animals in the field of taxidermy. When animals are preserved in this manner, they are called “freeze-dried taxidermy” or “freeze-dried mounts.”