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Powder X-ray Diffraction Facility (PXRD)

A National Facility Indian Institute of Technology Indore

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Rigaku SmartLab, Automated Multipurpose x-ray Diffractometer


High-accuracy theta-theta goniometer: Enables omega scans, 2-theta/omega scans, and 2-theta scans with the sample oriented horizontally. Additionally, the two axes are equipped with encoders to enable control of each axis with a resolution of 0.0001.
Attachments: Standard Powder XRD attachment, RxRy attachment (for sample tilt alignment, for thin film and rocking curve measurement), Phi-Chi attachment (for thin film, reflectivity).
X-ray Generator: 3 kW sealed tube x-ray generator (Max. voltage 60kV, Max. current 50mA, with Cu target)
Cross beam optics (CBO): Changing the selection slits allows easy switching between the direct beam for para-focusing (Bragg-Brentano or BB) optics and a monochromatic parallel using a multilayer mirror. Para-focusing optics is applied to the measurement of phase ID analysis and quantitative analysis of powder samples. Parallel beam (PB) optics is applied to the measurement of profile analysis of powder samples, measurement of preferred orientation, measurement of thin film samples, and rocking curve measurement.
Detector: (i) 0D Scintillation Counter (point detector), (ii)1D Semiconductor Detector


  • Lattice parameters, phase identity and phase purity.
  • Crystallinity, crystal structure, and percent phase composition.