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UV-Visible Spectrometer

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Varian Cary 100 Bio UV-Visible Spectrophotometer


Accuracy: ± 2 nm
Wavelength (s): 190 to 900 nm
Light Source: Tungsten Halogen
Versatile set of accessories including temperature control, liquid and solid sample holders, multicell holders, specular reflectance, diffuse reflectance, and fiber optics
Large sample compartment with built-in accessory controller
Working range past 3.5 absorbance units eliminates sample dilution
WinUV software – modular design provides a wide range of applications via a simple interface
Variable slit widths for optimum control over spectral resolution
Phase-Locked wavelength drive prevents peak shifts and peak suppression at high scan speeds
Sealed optics with quartz overcoating prevent exposure to corrosive environments and simplify cleaning


  • Bacterial Culturing
  • Drug identification
  • Nucleic acid purity check
  • Quantitation to quality control in the beverage industry
  • In chemical research