IIT Indore, Khandwa Road, Simrol- 453552, Indore (MP)
Tel. +91-731-660- 3311
Email- sic@iiti.ac.in

Faculty and Staff

A National Facility Indian Institute of Technology Indore

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Prof. Apurba K. Das

ProfessorInCharge SIC

Prof. Krushna R. Mavani

Co-Convener SIC

Our Technical Team Members

Mr. Kinny Pandey

Dr. Ravinder

Er. Atul Singh

Mr. Ghanashyam Bhavsar

Honorable erstwhile members

Prof. Suman Mukhopadhyay

Erstwhile Head SIC (Sept. 2019 – Sept.2022)

Dr. Shaikh M. Mobin

Erstwhile In charge SIC (April 2012 – Sept. 2019)